January 2023 Announcement

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Exciting announcements about an upcoming sesh update, our biggest one yet! Launching February 1 February 2, this update will add hotly requested features including:

πŸ—“οΈ Direct Google Calendar Integration

  • Instantly sync your sesh events to Google Calendar - no more delays!
  • (Premium only) Import events from Google Calendar, full two-way sync

πŸ“œ Thread and Forum Channel Support

  • Adding support for all the latest Discord features

πŸŒ… Phasing out Patreon for New Premium Memberships

  • Existing Patrons do not need to take any action. Your existing Patreon membership will be maintained with no change in pricing.
  • Our Patreon page will remain open for signups until the update launches on February 2. Now is a good time to become a Patron if you want to lock in the current pricing before the increase!

✨ Introducing Stripe

  • Starting with this update, sesh will be using Stripe for new premium membership billing instead of Patreon
  • There will be new pricing tiers with adjusted pricing
  • Read on in our next post for more details: New Pricing Tiers

πŸš€ Launching February 2

We can’t wait to get this update in your hands. Thanks for using sesh!

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