February 2023 Update

Update time!


🗓️ Direct Google Calendar Integration (Beta)

  • Instantly sync your sesh events to Google Calendar - no more delays!
  • (Premium only) Import events from Google Calendar, full two-way sync in realtime
  • Support for syncing all events, only those from a certain channel, or only personal RSVP’d events
  • See here for known issues during the beta: https://sesh.fyi/manual#known-issues-and-limitations
  • Run /link to get started

🧵 Auto Thread for Events

  • Use this feature to automatically create a thread for each event
  • Configurable on your server settings page (applies to all events) or individual event create page (applies to single event)
  • Advanced options available including customizable thread titles and auto inviting users who RSVP to follow the thread
  • This is an extremely useful organizational tool to keep event discussion in one place!

📜 Forum Channel Support

  • When you create an event in a forum channel a new thread will be made specifically for that event

📊 Poll mentions

  • Added a mentions parameter to the /poll command and web interface

🌅 Phasing out Patreon for New Premium Memberships

  • Existing Patrons do not need to take any action. Your existing Patreon membership will be maintained with no change in pricing.
  • Still have time on your Patreon membership but want to switch to Stripe? No problem, see here: https://sesh.fyi/blog/patreon-to-stripe

✨ Introducing Stripe

  • sesh now uses Stripe for new premium membership billing instead of Patreon
  • There are new pricing tiers with adjusted pricing
  • Launching with a 20% off sale for the next week! Check it out here: https://sesh.fyi/premium
  • More details about Stripe: https://sesh.fyi/blog/new-tiers

Check out the full patch notes (including tweaks and bug fixes) here: https://sesh.fyi/blog/february-2022-update


  • New premium subscription and server management page on dashboard (https://sesh.fyi/dashboard/premium)
  • Updated welcome message upon inviting sesh to server
  • Link slash commands in /help
  • Remove prefix setting from server settings page
  • Style improvements to web interface, especially on mobile
  • Web interface optimizations for faster loading
  • Remove RSVP buttons after event start
  • Renamed ‘Apply Attendee Roles’ checkbox on RSVP option to ‘Is Attendee’
  • Use custom alphabet emojis for poll vote options to fix iOS display
  • Support \n in event/poll descriptions to create new lines
  • Add public parameter to /dashboard command to make the resulting message visible to everyone
  • Updated manual: https://beta.sesh.fyi/manual/#google_calendar_sync


  • Fix live lists sometimes failing to update
  • Fix live list channel filter parameter
  • Fix premium activation count being off by one in some circumstances
  • Properly redirect users to their desired page when logging in
  • Fix users not being able to create events in an Event Channel from a channel override setting
  • Modernized sesh infrastructure for increased maintainability
  • Security improvements

Thanks a ton for using sesh. Stay tuned for more updates in 2023 ✨

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