July 2023 Update

Hot new update coming your way!

🔔 Server Notifications

You can now create and customize server-wide notifications that will get sent before and when an event starts! Server notifications allow you to mention users and roles while allowing you to send any message you want in any channel you want. Notification messages also support the fancy new placeholder system. Server notifications can be set on the Event Create page, or a default can be set for all events on the server settings page.

🧾 Server Logs

Ever wonder when someone RSVPed or who edited an event when? The new sesh server logs have got you covered. See a running list of any and every sesh action over on your server settings page! By default, logs are limited to a day in the past, but you can enjoy unlimited logs with sesh premium.

🧙‍♂️ AI Now Open to All

The /ai command we recently added is now available to all servers! It’s also been updated to better respect your server permission and event channel settings.

Here are it’s current capabilities:

  • Creating basic events, polls, and personal reminders
  • Listing events with ability to filter by channel, start time, end time
  • More coming soon!

Check out the AI blog post for more details and examples.

🎨 Default Event and Poll Colors

Default event and poll colors can now be set on your server settings page. I don’t know what else to say about this one!

Additional notes


  • Redesigned event creation page
  • Greatly improved and expanded manual
  • Improved permissions page and added View Logs and /ai permission
  • Added support for placeholders for thread titles
  • Removed Mentions section on event create page (moved to Notifications section)
  • Improved /ai permission handling
  • Allow past times on the Date Picker on Timestamp Converter page


  • Fix display of new Discord usernames
  • Fix /create event times potentially being off by an hour due to DST
  • Fix poll buttons not being removed on poll end
  • Fix 2 way GCal syncs wrongly editing events
  • Fix rare negative waitlist number issue
  • Properly remove RSVPers from thread and remove their Attendee Role if they switch to a non-attendee role

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