The best calendar bot for Discord.

😀EZPZ event creation

  • Specify times however the hell you want. No more rigid formats to follow.
  • Simple RSVP via reactions, plus reminders (optional).
  • Wanna play Fortnite in a fortnight? We support you.

🧙‍Become a TIMELORD

  • Automatically sets your timezone.
  • Allows anyone to convert events to their local timezone with one click.
  • Specify events in any timezone.
  • No more time math. Only time magic.

📅Links to your calendar

  • Add to Google Calendar or any other calendar app.
  • Never miss a sesh again.
  • Get your peeps to actually show up.

Kitchen sink included

  • Create events with a single message
  • Handles timezones effortlessly
  • Links to Google Calendar
  • Poll support (vote to pick the best time)
  • Highly configurable
  • Fully optional web interface
  • Two-way calendar sync Coming soon


sesh is a free service, but it costs money to operate. Help us out on Patreon to support development and unlock exclusive early access features such as:

  • Recurring events BETA
  • Custom signup options BETA
  • Limit RSVP slots + waitlist
  • Role based permissions
  • Restrict RSVPs and voting by role

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