New Pricing Tiers

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Along with the big new update launching on February 2, sesh will also be switching to new premium tier pricing.

Note that no action is required for existing Patreon members. Your membership will continue at the current rate as long as you like. You’re grandfathered in! 👴

You can still snag a Patreon membership up until the new update is launched on February 2

With the new update, you’ll be able to choose between monthly, yearly, or one-time billing. We’ll be launching with a sale as well! See below for a preview:

Preview of monthly pricing tiers Preview of yearly pricing tiers Preview of one time pricing tiers

These new tiers launch February 2. See you then!

Why are we switching from Patreon to Stripe?

Stripe provides a better user experience

  • No need to make a Patreon account
  • Faster activation of premium benefits
  • Better subscription management and invoice features
  • No requirement to join our Discord support server. Patreon forces members to be readded to our server each month, even if they choose to leave.

Helps us keep sesh sustainable

  • Stripe gives us much more control and flexibility, allowing us to offer sales and one-time pricing
  • Decreases platform fees, allowing you to support us more directly

Thanks for sticking with sesh. Look out for more exciting updates in 2023! 🥳

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