January 2024 Update

Starting off the year with a big new update!

🗓️ Calendar View

Preview of sesh calendar

See what’s coming up in your server using calendar view, now available on your dashboard! There’s also an option to generate a publicly viewable link so you can share your calendar with anyone.

  • Quickly view, create, and edit events
  • Publicly accessible by link (default: off)
  • Also shows Discord Native Events (default: on)

Check out the manual section for more details

📘 Event Templates

Preview of sesh templates

You can now use existing events as a template when creating new events! You can also save event templates for your most frequent kinds of events, allowing super easy creation of similar events. Premium users can save unlimited templates for their server, while non-premium users are limited to three.

Check out the manual section for more details

⚙️ User Preferences

Preview of sesh templates

You can now configure your user preferences from the dashboard, and we’ve added some new settings:

  • new Parsing timezone (/create will use your personal timezone)
  • new Event RSVP Overlap Warning (sesh will DM you if you RSVP to an overlapping event)
  • Plus all existing options (Enable/Disable Confirmation DMs/Replies)
  • Accessed via DMing sesh /settings or via dashboard in top right

Check out the manual section for more details

🔁 Repeat Event Improvements

Repeat events have gained a few highly requested capabilities:

  • Remove single future occurrence
  • Edit time of a future occurrence

Additional notes


  • Improved Google Calendar sync to allow deleting of single repeat events along with editing of single repeat events


  • Ensure RSVPs are in the proper order when viewing them on dashboard
  • Fix server notifications being limited to ~24 days before event start
  • Fix attendee roles not being added while maintaining RSVP on repeat events
  • Fix GCal sync erroring in certain circumstances
  • Display error if live list fails to active
  • Allow deleting of events if user has Manage Sesh permissions
  • Order poll votes properly on dashboard
  • Delete server notifications for an event if that event was deleted
  • Fix server default mentions not being set properly when creating an event with /create
  • Fix issue where duplicate events will appear in iCal feed
  • Fix RSVPs being removed if event switches channel

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