September 2021 Update

Big new update today!


#️⃣ List filtering by channel
You can now add a filter to !list to only show events from a certain channel. For example, !list #blue-team will only show events in #blue-team. Multiple channels and other filters can be used too: !list 3 days #design #engineering. It also works with live lists! You can do the same with !link to get a filtered calendar feed, too.

🗓️ Separate Channel Calendars
Up until now, sesh has used a single global calendar for your whole server. You can now turn on the “Use Separate Channel Calendars” setting to change this. This is handy if you have multiple groups on your server or want to restrict who can see certain events. See the !settings web page for details.

🔄 Multiple Live Lists [Beta, Patreon Only]
Patreon supporters can now have multiple active live lists, up to one per channel. Useful with the new list filtering and separate channel calendar features!

📃 Full Event and Poll Listings on Dashboard
You can now view a table of events and polls on the web interface. Search, view attendees, edit, and delete events all from one place. You can even export event or poll data as a spreadsheet (.CSV). Give it a try:


  • !list and !link will now only include events that the user has permission to view
  • Faster live list refresh for Patreon supporters
  • Many dashboard UI improvements
  • Tweaked sesh brand color
  • Rename ‘Add Role to Event Attendees’ to ‘Default Event Attendee Roles’ on !settings page
  • Updated sesh manual: added !remind section, updated !list and !link


  • Repeat events will now maintain the same time of day after a daylight savings switch
  • Fix error when adding reactions to an event on edit (reported by @Alexander)
  • Fix guild settings not loading if a role used for permissions was deleted
  • Fix edit page not loading if reactions were deleted
  • Fix personal RSVP list not working
  • Fix very rare case of repeat events repeating on wrong day (reported by @gergich)
  • Fix wrong error text when user does not have permissions for event channel (reported by @justinw)

We’ve also revamped our front page with a new improved design by @Taowen! Check it out:

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