May 2020 Update



  • Recurring events are now enabled as a beta feature! See below for details (tl;dr: run !beta to opt-in)
  • Per-user RSVP’d calendar feeds are now available for everyone (this was previously a Patreon early access feature). Run !link to get yours!


  • Improve web interface for creating events
  • Send the server owner an informative welcome message when sesh is added
  • Added a FAQ channel here in Discord to help with common issues: old-frequently-asked-questions

Bug fixes

  • Better handling of timezones and daylight savings time in relation to recurring events
  • Support recurring events on calendar feeds generated with !link
  • Improved reliability for recurring events
  • Fix issue with long event descriptions going over the discord embed character limit [reported by @foxbox]

When we first launched recurring events a few weeks ago, we quickly realized there were some major bugs and decided to disable them temporarily. We’ve put in a lot of work since then to ensure they work correctly. Going forward, we want to take reliability more seriously. So today we’re launching recurring events as a beta feature, until it’s been in users’ hands long enough for us to feel certain about the system’s reliability.

To opt-in to the beta, just run !beta on whichever servers you’d like. We’ll be closing beta signups shortly once we have enough participants, but Patreon supporters will continue to be automatically opted-in.

Update: beta signups are closed for now, thanks for participating!!

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