February 2020 Update #2

Just pushed a new update!


  • Mentions in event titles will now be tagged in the event start notification. Use this to notify any roles, users, channels, or even everyone when an event starts! [requested by @Kodiak ‘Koda’ Moonwolf @aka-evie @Danius]
  • New setting to disable adding new poll options after poll creation: @sesh settings poll_add [true|false] [requested by @Koya @BirdmanRising]
  • New setting to specify a channel to send sesh event messages: @sesh settings channel #calendar [requested by @Sheep @Psydewaze]
  • Maintain joined order in attendees list. [requested by @ShinyRai]
  • Better time parsing when AM/PM is missing. [requested by @Mannheimd]
  • (Early access for Patreon supporters only) Role based permission control for each command. Use @sesh settings permissions to set which roles can use each of the sesh commands. [requested by @BabyMonkeyOnPig @Danius @WoofFighter]
  • Patreon integration. Patreon supporters can now use !activate to turn on early access features on your server. For now it’s just role based permissions - more coming soon!

Bug Fixes

  • Disable any reminders you signed up and notify you for when you un-RSVP from an event.


  • Better error reporting so we can chase down bugs faster.

Hope you enjoy this update! Also we’re now on top.gg: https://top.gg/bot/616754792965865495

Please consider throwing some upvotes our way if you like what we’re doing!

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