April 2020 Update #2

Just deployed an update:

We finally have a manual!

Check it out here: https://sesh.fyi/manual


  • Big performance optimizations - sesh should be much more responsive and reliable going forward!
  • Added automated testing for parts of the codebase. This is already helping us catch bugs and will ensure that sesh stays stable as we continue improving it.


  • Minor style improvements to bot output and web interface
  • Relative time (time from now) is no longer shown on event creation responses since it is not updated in real-time and can thus be misleading [thanks @selsin (Tom) for pointing this out]
  • Updated our time parsing library, which added support for parsing hour abbreviations like “1h”, “2hrs”, etc.

We’re still working on restoring the recurring events feature. Hoping to have it back up and running soon. Thanks for your patience! also sesh is verified now! 🥳🎉

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