November 2020 Update

HEY @everyone, before we dive into the update, we have a couple of announcements.

We have a fancy new premium web page to show off. Check it out!

We’d also like to announce we are now offering YEARLY subscriptions for sesh, which will be cheaper per year than a monthly sub. We’re also now offering a one month no-questions-asked refund if you’re not satisfied with sesh for any reason.

Last but not least and a bit overdue, @nosut is now a moderator in our Discord server, he’s been a TON of help and is doing awesome work. We can not thank him enough.

Thank you ALL so much for using sesh and making it as good as it can be, see below for the update! ❤️❤️❤️


#️⃣ Channel Selection for Events and Polls
Now you can select where any events and polls get sent to on the web interface. You can also do this in Discord by placing the channel name after the event time: !create Among Us at 9pm #general. By default, only admins can override an event/poll channel that’s set.

📊 Poll Results Page
Detailed poll results can now be viewed on your browser. You can get to this page by clicking the 📝 reaction on a poll. It is also displayed on an already ended poll.

⚙️ Server Settings Page (!settings)
We now have a web page for changing a server’s settings. This will now be the primary way you should be modifying sesh to suit your server. Changing sesh settings with Discord commands will still work for now.


  • Add 🕐 reaction to !list, allowing conversion of times to personal time zones
  • Added option to display usernames as plaintext, to avoid the issue of usernames showing up as <@1234> in certain cases. This is set to false by default. To change, modify settings with !settings
  • The web dashboard will now save your login session, with an option to log out
  • !create and !poll messages will now expire if Clean Event Messages is enabled
  • Increase preset sign up option reaction limit from 12 to 16
  • Clean poll options and title so proper mention is displayed
  • Ignore capitalization on first letter of command (!Create now works)
  • Improve !list and !delete command display
  • Display month/day on end times of events if different from start time
  • Display year on event times if year differs from current year
  • Removed problematic !create aliases
  • Move @everyone to Roles List instead of User List on web interface


  • Fix rare case where event response embed would go over the character limit

Give us a vote over at to help spread the word :D

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