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🙋Custom signup options

  • Create custom RSVP options using your own emojis
  • Use any emoji from any server
  • Limit number of attendees per RSVP option, with waitlists
  • Party parrot supported Party Parrot 🎉

💫Recurring events

  • Flexible repeat options
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • By weekday
  • End repetition after a number of occurrences or on a specific date
  • Never forget your best friend's birthday again 🎂

👥Attendee Roles

  • Add roles to users who sign up either on event start or at time of signup
  • Grant access to private event channels so only event attendees can join, or notify all users when the event starts
  • Customize it how you want, when you want to fit YOUR needs 👈😎👈

🔒Role based permissions

  • Restrict any command to specific Discord roles
  • For example, only allow mods to create events
  • Make sesh 👑exclusive👑 to fit your server's needs

🔑‍Restrict RSVPs and voting by role

  • Only allow certain Discord roles to join events or vote on polls
  • Keep the plebs out 💁

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