October 2021 Update

New update!


⚙️ Override settings per-channel [Patreon Only]
You can now change server settings on a per-channel basis. This is useful for larger servers that might want to set different timezones or signup options per channel. Look for the new “Channel Settings” button on your server settings page to start customizing!


  • Support sesh commands inside threads


  • Fix polls with end time not ending properly
  • Improved Discord API rate limit handling
  • Better error handling when trying to create events with improper permissions
  • Display error on web interface if sesh does not have access to any channels
  • Sort events properly for personal event list (reported by @LaPrem🐝 )

By the way, you may have noticed Discord recently added their own events feature. Don’t worry, sesh isn’t going anywhere! We’re excited to integrate sesh with Discord events as soon as they add them to the API. You can expect other shiny new features soon too, like Discord button integration.

Thanks so much for using and supporting sesh! We’re able to pour a lot of time into sesh thanks to our generous, beautiful, and generally cool Patreon supporters ♥️ https://patreon.com/tunks

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