March 2022 Update #2



🤫 Anonymous Polls
You can now set a poll to be anonymous. Anonymous polls hide voter names from everyone. You can now vote fully shame-free.

📊 Poll UI improvements
We’ve made several improvements to polls thanks to your feedback!

  • Added a way to view poll voters in Discord (click the ⚙️ then ‘Voters’)
  • Added user setting to disable ephemeral poll confirmation messages (DM sesh /settings)
  • Added ‘description’ parameter to /poll
  • Improved poll results web page
  • Switched poll buttons from numeric (1,2,3) to alphabetic (A, B, C) to avoid confusion with vote counts

The button-based polls work really well with these new changes and features! But in case you still prefer the old reaction-based polls, we’ve added a Use Reactions for Polls server setting so you can keep using them.


  • Added server setting to enforce Send Messages permissions for event/poll channel. When enabled, users will need Send Messages permissions in the event/poll channel in order to create events or polls in them. Otherwise, users will only need View Channel permissions.
  • Allow moving events/polls to a different channel via edit page
  • Added a way to delete all /link calendar feeds for a server (see Server Settings web page)
  • Improved permissions-related error messages
  • Added outline to ⚙️ emoji for better contrast


  • Fix bug where event will fail without error if user tries to mention @everyone
  • Fix end time not being properly set on poll edit
  • Allow removal of RSVPers for users who have left the server
  • Proper manual link for attendee role troubleshooting on dashboard

Feel free to give us a follow at and thanks again for all your feedback and continued support!

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