July 2021 Update



🪄 New Discord Timestamps sesh now takes advantage of the magical new Discord timestamp format! Take a look: this update launched a year ago. sesh was born on January 23, 2020. These timestamps automatically convert to your device’s local timezone.

This new format makes it really simple for everyone to be on the same page, without needing to set secondary timezones or use the convert time reaction. If you do happen to like the old style, you can still choose to turn timestamps off and keep the old behavior in your server !settings.

If the timestamps aren’t showing up properly, try updating your Discord client.


Dashboard (https://sesh.fyi/dashboard):

  • MAJOR speed optimizations
  • Properly handle browser history (support back/forward navigation)
  • Prettier URLs (old URLs will still work, in case you have any bookmarks)
  • Better error handling and confirmation pages
  • Lots of minor UI improvements

If you’re having any dashboard problems, try clearing your browser cache.


  • Event and poll description maximum length increased from 2048 -> 4096 (matches new Discord limit)
  • Support @here in event mentions
  • !list now show events in the next three months in seperate categories (rather than lumping them into This Year)


  • Fix editing events after Discord role is deleted
  • Fix dashboard not loading due to special characters in guild names
  • Fix list display bug with bold text in event title
  • Reminder relability improvements
  • Improved error handling when parsing times

Also, the sesh team has been growing! Huge thanks to @Jiuer for helping with moderation, and welcome @krotomo to the dev team!

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