January 2021 Update

Happy New Year 🎊🥳🎉🎊! Here’s a new update!


🖼️ Event Images
You can now attach images to your events! Check out the !create web interface to see the new image URL field. Poll images coming soon.

🖥️ Improved Web Dashboard
The web interface now has a dashboard where you can more easily switch between servers, create event, create poll, and access settings. Try it out: https://sesh.fyi/dashboard

📜 List limits (suggested by @Hana)
You can now control how many events appear in !list output by adding either a duration or a number of events to the command. For example, !list 1 week will only show events for the next week, or !list 5 will only show the next 5 events. It works if you turn it into a live list too!


  • Sort !delete output by event start time
  • Added secondary timezones to poll time field


  • Fixed issues causing duplicated recurring events
  • Fixed live lists not updating in some circumstances (reported by @nosut)
  • Fixed buggy “NAME NOT FOUND” display on poll results page

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