January 2020 Update #2

Just deployed some new stuff!


  • Allow setting default timezone for your server (@sesh settings timezone) [requested by @poppy @jdab @BillyBanter_G @Airstrike @TriggerhappyJTV @Zwiebel @LynX @Acku]
  • Support all characters for event titles, poll titles & options, prefixes (even emojis! 🥳 ) [requested by @SuperficialCake @Zwiebel]
  • Longer event title limit (30 -> 64 characters) [requested by @Deleted User]
  • Offer reminder for event start time when you RSVP
  • Improve timezone picker web UI
  • Allow updating personal timezone after setting it initially (DM sesh !timezone)

Bug fixes

  • Ensure old events don’t show up in !delete list
  • Limit display of RSVP’d users to not hit embed character limit
  • Fix help command spacing


  • Upgraded the server for better performance and reliability
  • Improved backup system to keep your events safe

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