August 2020 Update

New update has arrived!


Custom Emoji support for Signup Options [Patreon Only]
Now you can use any custom emojis you want for your sign up options! Just head over to the web interface (with !create) and go crazy! You can use any emojis from servers that both you and sesh are in.

✅ Default Signup Options for Servers
Use !settings signup_options to set the default signup options for your servers. Any events posted from Discord will use these options. You’ll be able to choose between any presets you have saved previously.

🎨 Event Colors
Tired of the same old color on every event? Now you can change it! Head over to the web interface (!create) and change the event embed to any color you wish. Use this to categorize events or just to vary it up!


  • Improve look and feel of web interface
  • Display a link back to the channel on all PM embeds, allowing speedy DM to Server traversal
  • iCal feeds will now display event descriptions, if they exist [suggested by @Kelmee]
  • Improve error handling for creating polls
  • New patrons will now get a DM when subscribing on Patreon
  • If an event message is deleted, the event will be deleted as well. This means that instead of running !delete, you can now just delete the event message
  • Allow users with Manage Messages permission to delete other peoples events [suggested by @nosut]


  • [Web Interface] Presets will now save and persist properly [reported by @nosut]
  • Fix event reminder and signup issues related to event editing [reported by @ashthebash, @Daedric_Gaming]
  • Fix permissions not updating instantly when changed [reported by @Melynxis]
  • [Web Interface] Fix issue where future Repeat Time was inaccurate or confusing [reported by @EyeQueue]

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