September 2020 Update

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🔐 Role Restrictions for Events and Polls [Patreon Only]
Patrons can now restrict both events and polls to certain roles. If an event or poll is restricted, only users who have the specified roles will be able to signup or vote. Now available on the web interface! (!create and !poll).

📬 Mentions on Web Interface
You can now specify roles and users to be pinged when an event is initially created as well as when the event actually starts. Try it out on the web interface with !create.

🗳️ Poll Features and Web Interface (!poll)
We now have a poll web page for you to easily create and edit polls with! The web interface supports advanced features such as setting an end time, choosing an embed color, and more! We’ve also added a poll channel server setting, !poll_channel #new_channel, where you can specify a channel where all polls will be sent to.


  • [Premium Only] Premium users can now see a full list of their activated servers by sending !deactivate to sesh via DM
  • On poll or event edit, you can now delete an event/poll, and end a currently active poll via DM (suggested by @nosut and @TheIAm79 )
  • Event start messages now link back to original event embed on event start
  • Greatly improved web interface visuals and readability
  • Improve poll embed formatting
  • Renamed !settings channel command to !settings event_channel


  • Fix default signup options not persisting properly (reported by @Ozack)
  • Fix signup options web interface not working if user has emoji in name (reported by @gostaqqs)
  • Fix repeating events displaying multiple times on iCal feeds (reported by @Darien Todbringer )

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