November 2021 Update

Update coming at ya!


🕐 📊 Time Polls
sesh now has support for creating polls using dates and times. Time polls will automatically display the time choices in each user’s respective timezone, making it super easy to find the best time for everyone. Head on over to the poll create page (!poll) and try it out!

🙈 Default Hide Attendees
You can now set whether to hide attendees on events by default on the guild settings page (!settings).


  • Added actual Date/Time picker to web interface.
  • Patreon integration improvements
  • Improve sesh thread handling


  • Fix poll color not being set properly
  • Fix events failing to create if description uses emojis and is a certain length
  • Fix rare cache issue where Guild Roles and Channels would fail to fetch

You can also now add sesh to other servers via sesh’s Discord profile, give it a try!

As always, thanks for your love and support! ❤️

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