May 2021 Update

Update incoming! @everyone


⏰ Remind me
Ever wanted to use sesh to set a quick reminder without creating a whole event? This feature is for you. Run !remind Brush Teeth at 10pm or !remind Take a break in 30 min to get a DM from sesh at the specified time and never forget anything again! Others can opt in to your reminder via the 🔔 reaction, too.

📃 Personal event listings
Wanna keep track of just the events you’ve RSVPed to? Now you can! Simply DM sesh !list to get a full listing of all your upcoming events.


  • Option to disable edit DMs when editing an event
  • Allow managed roles (such as twitch subs) to be mentioned
  • Various web interface visual improvements
  • Rename ‘End Time’ on poll to ‘Closes At’
  • Do not add Attendee Role to RSVPer if they are waitlisted
  • Disable ‘On Create’ mentions on edit


  • Fixed issue that caused web interface to load forever
  • Fix ‘Apply Attendee Role’ not updating when clicked on (reported by @Mongo)
  • Fix not showing ‘Invalid Permissions’ on roles when sesh could not mention them (reported by @Vars)
  • Fix Mirror not working on Mentions form in certain situations
  • Fix poll creation page not loading if poll channel was delated (reported by @Lynn)
  • Fix certain issues with pinned live lists not sending properly
  • Fix old reminders not being cleaned up properly

If you’ve been enjoying sesh feel free to show your appreciation by giving us a vote over on Thank you all for continuing to make sesh the best bot it can be! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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