March 2022 Update

Big update incoming!

Heads up! You may need to reinvite sesh to your server in order for slash commands to work, use this link.


🤖 Slash Commands
sesh now fully supports Discord slash commands. Commands can now be invoked by typing / in Discord chat. A detailed list and description of slash commands and their functionality can be seen on our manual:

🔲 Buttons
Reactions have now been completely replaced with buttons. Buttons will lead to a much smoother and responsive experience when interacting with sesh. Your existing events and polls with continue to use reactions, but any future events will exclusively use buttons. Editing an old event or poll will upgrade it to use buttons.

👥 Adding and Removing Attendees
You can now remove and add attendees from an event via the web interface. Head on over to the Event Listings page and click an event’s RSVPs in order to edit them. You can also get there via the ⚙️ button on an event. Only members with Manage Server permissions and above are able to add or remove attendees, regardless of who created the event.


  • Added /dashboard command to quickly access the web interface
  • Rewrote manual to include slash command and button functionality (check it out:
  • Allow setting description, mentions, and an image when creating an event in Discord
  • Added a way to easily manage User settings via /settings command in sesh DM
  • Added ability to manage events/polls via the ⚙️ button
  • Added /remind to sesh’s permissions system
  • Renamed /vote command to /votepoints
  • Switch to embeds for all sesh messages instead of raw text
  • Added ability to cancel an RSVP in sesh DMs
  • Send Messages permission is now required to send events to an Event Channel


  • Fix wrong role names being displayed in event edit notification (reported by irishGuy)
  • Fix rare issue of certain events being shown to users who do not have permissions to view them (reported by @Jason, @sgt_snickerz)
  • Fix rare issue where !link and !list commands would suddenly stop working (reported by @joer)
  • Fix events with many RSVPers not editing properly

Also, we just made a twitter account for sesh, in case you’d like to follow us there:

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