March 2021 Update

Time for an update!


👥 Add Role to Attendees [Patreon Only]
There’s a new option that allows you pick a Discord role to be assigned to your event attendees when creating an event on the web interface. Use it to give your attendees access to a text or voice channel, @mention them, or as a badge to show they were there! You can control when it gets added and whether or not it is removed at the end of the event, too.

📊 Limit poll voting to 1 option per user
Finally! The default !poll mode still allows multiple votes per user, but you can now change this in your server !settings. You can also override the poll mode on a one-off basis using !poll1, !polln, or on the !poll web interface.

🖼️ Poll images
You can add images to polls using the !poll web interface now too, just like events.


  • Lots of web interface style and layout improvements
  • Increase poll options limit from 10 to 15
  • Prevent RSVP to events that have already started


  • Fix live lists not updating in some cases
  • Fix certain image URLs not working for event/poll images
  • Fix “View All” reaction not being added to unpinned live list
  • Fix repeating event bug involving mention spam
  • Fix dashboard favicon

Also a small announcement: We’re moving over to a new suggestions page which will replace our existing trello roadmap and suggestions channel. We’re hoping this will be much more organized. We really appreciate all the great suggestions that you all have given us so far, and have already moved over our top picks into the new page. Your feedback is a big part of what makes sesh great ❤️

Check it out here and please vote and suggest new features to help us pick the right things to work on!:

Finally, if you like what we’re doing, consider leaving us a review on Thanks so much for the kind words we’ve been receiving already!

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