June 2022 Update

Incoming update!


🗓️ Native Event Mirroring
You can now mirror your sesh events to the built-in Discord event system. When mirroring an event, a copy of the sesh event will be displayed in the event tab in Discord itself. You can either mirror a single event via the dashboard create page, or mirror all events by enabling Mirror Events to Discord Native Events on your server settings page. Note: sesh requires Manage Events permissions to use this feature.

For more info, see here: https://sesh.fyi/manual#native_events

🔁 Auto Join Next for Repeat Events
We’ve added support for event attendees to maintain their RSVP and reminders through repeat occurrences of events. When you join an event, you can click the ‘Auto Join Next’ button on your RSVP confirmation to opt in. This can be disabled in the Repeat section of the Create Event page.


  • Broke up server settings page into distinct sections, making it easier to navigate
  • Added ability to Activate/Deactivate premium on server settings page
  • Added Duration picker modal
  • Allow viewing of poll voters in Discord after poll has ended
  • Updated /dashboard command to have direct links to Event Create, Poll Create, and Settings pages


  • Fix repeat settings being modified incorrectly when using the date picker
  • No longer require the event creator to have ‘Embed Links’ permissions
  • Send poll channels to proper channel when poll channel is set

Thanks again for all of your continued support. ❤️

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