June 2020 Update

Just pushed a big update!


  • Overhauled RSVP Options! ✅ 🤷‍♂️ ❌ When creating an event on the Web UI, you can now choose between Default, Yes Maybe No, and MMO presets. Patrons are able to add and save their own custom presets, allowing sign up options tailored to your community’s needs.
  • Poll 📶 results are now visualized with a beautiful bar chart for each option


  • Improved event create message formatting
  • Update timezone picker to use Africa/Abidjan for GMT instead of Europe/London

Bug Fixes

  • Fix duplicated repeating events in iCal feed (reported by @Dark)
  • Fix issue where duration would be displayed on event embeds when it was not set manually (reported by @selsin (Tom) )
  • Fix bug where duration field was not properly filled in when editing via web interface (reported by @jonhoo)

Feel free to give us a vote on top.gg! https://top.gg/bot/616754792965865495/vote

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