February 2020 Update

Small update pushed just now:


  • Use nicknames instead of usernames when available [requested by @Foshkey @lish]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where !delete would list events you created in other servers you use sesh on [reported by @SuperficialCake]
  • If an event time is parsed as earlier in the same day (in the past relative to when the event was created), adjust it forward by one day. [reported by @ム | Mr.Brightside]
  • Fix being unable to delete events that have reminders attached to them. This bug was introduced earlier today. Also, anyone who signed up for a reminder will now get a message when the event is deleted.
  • Don’t fire reminders for deleted events


  • Got sharding working so we can scale up smoothly. This one took a while! Now that this is done we can spend more time working on features :D
  • Store and process reminders in a more robust way

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