February 2020 Update #4

Pushed a small update!


  • (Early access for Patreon supporters only) Per-user RSVP’d events feeds. Use !link to get your very own calendar feed of your RSVP’d events for Google Calendar or your app of choice! [requested by @Elliot @Beastly Swagmaster]


  • Added !vote command that sends a link to vote for sesh on top.gg and keeps track of how many times you’ve voted. Please vote for us to help spread the word!
  • Use @tags when listing names in event attendees lists

Bug Fixes

  • Fix event start notifications double sending sometimes [reported by @ム | Mr.Brightside@ShinyRai]
  • Fix old reminders firing sometimes [reported by @poppy]
  • Fix @sesh mention command prefix not working sometimes [reported by @aka-evie]
  • Require a space between prefix and command when setting prefix (fixes !commands setting prefix to !s unintentionally) [reported by @BirdmanRising]

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