December 2020 Update

New update!


šŸ”„ Live List (beta)
Event listings (!list) now support live updating. Click the šŸ”„ reaction on any list (one per server). Use the šŸ“ reaction to keep it at the bottom of the channel. Due to Discord API rate limits, non-premium users are required to vote for sesh on to keep live lists active (to keep requests to a manageable amount).

šŸŒ Multiple Timezones
We now support displaying multiple timezones on created events. Go to the !settings web interface and add some secondary timezones to your server.


  • Upgraded to new beefier server
  • DM event creator and attendees on event deletion
  • No longer delete repeating events if message is deleted (use !delete to delete them)
  • If !list character limit reached, add reaction to view all events
  • Allow cross site requests on !link feeds (requested by @Kida Sacheil)


  • Fix issue where those with !settings permissions were not able to change guild settings on the web interface (reported by @nosut)
  • Fix bug with poll title length exceeding Discord title limit (reported by @dirtychailatte )
  • Fix settings page not loading if certain roles were deleted (reported by @Dje-unit)
  • Fix issues with Google Calendar link when using non-English alphabets (reported by @Judgeį“¾Ź³įµ‰įµˆįµƒįµ—įµ’Ź³ )
  • Fix create page not loading if URL was generated from a channel that user does not have access to (reported by @nosut)
  • Fix poll results not loading on an already ended poll (reported by @Deleted User and @amber)
  • Fix changing of Allow Anyone to Add Poll Option not updating server settings when set on web interface (reported by @Schuttle)

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