August 2022 Update

New update!


🔂 Delete Single Occurrence of Repeat Event
You can now cancel a single repeat event without deleting all of them. Simply delete an event as normal and then you will be given a choice of whether to delete a single event or all of them. Note that when the current event is deleted, the next event will be posted immediately.

🕰️ Timestamp Converter
We now offer a super easy to use web page that allows you to quickly generate Discord timestamps. Want to post a time in Discord like Sunday, August 21, 2022 12:00 PM or 12:36 PM or even in 177 years? Just go to and paste the result into Discord!


  • Use Discord modals instead of DMs to add poll options
  • Limit iCal feeds to 5000 events for Google Calendar compatibility
  • Properly display ‘Hide Attendees’ override status on the Create Event page
  • Added support for Stage Channels for Discord Native Event Mirroring


  • Fix poll voters not displaying properly if a blank poll option was set
  • Fix Discord event mirroring not working for certain repeat events
  • Fix issue where event start message was posted twice
  • Fix ‘404’ icon in emoji picker
  • Fix ‘On Event Create’ mentions when set via slash commands

Moving over to slash commands
Due to a Discord API change, sesh will soon only be able to respond to slash commands. If you try to use prefix-based commands (like !create or !poll), sesh will now warn you about this change and ask you to use the slash command version instead.

For a full list of sesh slash commands, check out

Thanks for using sesh! ❤️

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