April 2020 Update

Big update just released!


  • Added advanced event settings:
    • Recurring events
    • Event descriptions
    • RSVP limits (currently Patreon-exclusive)
  • Added a web based UI for creating events. You can still use all the text based commands just as they were - we added the web UI for advanced settings that would be too cumbersome to do over text.
  • Events can now be edited after creation. Anyone who is RSVP’d to the event will be notified of edits via PM.
  • Event times are now linkified and can be clicked to add a one-off event to your Google Calendar


  • Less ambiguous format for dates: 3/4 will now be shown as Mar 4
  • Always show event creator name in event embed footer
  • Link to event message in RSVP confirmation embed

Bug Fixes

  • Fix adding extra poll options not working on some servers
  • Fix !list links not working in some cases when event channel is set
  • Fixed some Discord character limit issues

Hope you enjoy this update! Don’t forget to vote for us on top.gg to spread the word: https://top.gg/bot/616754792965865495/vote

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